From the subcontinent, for all

Subko is obsessed with craftsmanship, small batch production, quality control, and traceability. This rigor applies to every ingredient we use. Our meticulously curated coffee beans are sourced through direct trade relationships with farmers across the subcontinent.


The Subko Specialty Bakehouse strives to be a conundrum.It is inspired by a proudly old-school philosophy around daily bread and pastry craftsmanship.


1925 / 1941 / 2020


Subko is honoured to be part of the growing community of speciality coffee farms, estates, roasters, cafes, brewers and enthusiasts across India. We’re equally excited to introduce India to speciality bakehouse culture.

In the realms of coffee and baked goods, Subko aims to build awareness of what we believe are underrated, underexplored, and undervalued ingredients, techniques, and craftsmanship from the Indian subcontinent. Similarly, Subko intends to be a more immersive platform for the Indian subcontinent region to get to know other indigenous talent worthy of attention and admiration: SUBCULTURE by Subko.


Sustainable from day one

Our packaging contains 0% single use plastic. The inner lining of this package holding your freshly roasted coffee is made of 100% biodegradable cellulose, that will decompose in a landfill in under two years. This box is made of 100% recyclable kraft paper using biodegradable, water soluble inks. We strive to become not only carbon neutral but climate positive as a roastery.