Project Sankalp: (88+) - Lot #62 - Medium Roast [Plum Jam, Christmas Cake] [Pan-India]

Best Brewed With

Omni roast

Please note that the best brewed with list is not comprehensive and does not dictate that the coffees cannot be brewed with any other methods. These are the methods we think will extract the best possible cup. However, this coffee can be ground and enjoyed with any brew method that you desire.


Cupper's Notes

This 88+ Project Sankalp Reserve lot gives us holiday vibes. We dropped it in the cooling tray at 202 degrees. The coffee is incredibly clean and delicate. It has a lot of florality and a lot of stone fruit coming through. What this reminds us of is the Christmas cake that we released in the Subko bakehouse with a distinct Plum flavour. So the flavour notes for this ends up being plum jam and christmas cake.

What's Project Sankalp?

According to the governing body in coffee (the SCA), garnering 80+ points deems a coffee lot as ‘specialty’. When a Q-grader assigns points to a coffee, they do so in decimal increments. At 85 points, excellence is attained. At 90 points, a chimera is realised.

Project Sankalp bridges Waribok_Daribok and Subko’s resolute manifesto to imbue a newfound vitality to coffee from the Indian subcontinent as a global specialty heavyweight, hitherto renowned only for its lore: Sankalp at 86 points; Sankalp Reserve at 88 points; Sankalp Rare at 90+ points.