Kerehaklu Washed Experience - Medium, Medium Light [Set of 2 x 100g each] [Pan-India]


Kerehaklu Washed Experience

Inoculated Monitor Washed Process: A coffee lot processed using water inoculated with Lactobacilli, to separate all the mucilage from the coffee parchment before drying, ageing, and preparing it for roasting.

Lot UDA, Medium Light Roast - We dropped this lot into the cooling tray at 202°c, resulting in a bright vibrant acidity, a gentle body, and prominent sweetness with a long lasting finish. Cuppers notes of Florals, Granny Smith Apple, and a Grapefruit finish.

Lot UDA, Medium Roast - This lot features a medium acidity with good body, and a sweet finish reminiscent of Jaggery. Cuppers notes of Cacao Nibs, Jaggery, and Apple Tart.

About The Origin

Kerehaklu Estate is a sustainable, biodiversity-friendly farm in Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India. Specialty coffee is grown alongside several varieties of pepper, avocados, citrus and mulberries - all in harmony with the local flora and fauna.

Kerehaklu has been run by the Thipaiah family since 1953 and is now overseen by Pranoy Thipaiah, who is the fifth generation to do so. The farm has gone chemical-free in late 2016 and are thus experiencing a gradual influx of birds and small mammals from the neighbouring Bhadra State forest.