Specialty Robusta?

40% of world coffee production; twice as much caffeine as Arabica; half the physical size of Arabica, and rounder inshape than Arabica.

Yet, as the specialty coffee / ‘third wave’ coffee revolution has catapulted India as an origin into increasingly global consciousness, with farmer-producers increasingly experimenting at the plantation level with their crop, it turnsout that the historically maligned robusta, too, can be specialty.

Planters all over India today prefer the Robusta variety over Arabica due to its resilience in the face of climate change. Robusta is factually the hardier variety that can withstandmuch higher temperatures, whilst requiring a lot less attention and upkeep than Arabica.


About Salawara Estate

Salawara Estate, the name of which literally embodies "a string of blessings," was first established in the 1880's by colonial proprietors. The estate was consequently taken over by The YDN group, in whose care the estate has been for the past three generations. Today Sharan and Eshwar Gowda, third generation planters themselves, run the estate. Spread over 145 hectares of land, the estate is situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats, near the Sakleshpur and Belur regions of Karnataka. The specialty robusta grown at Salawara Estate is intercropped with produce such as pepper, areca nut, oranges and silver oak trees, which tied with the cross-pollinating nature of Robusta, provides food for thought in terms of sensory distinction. Surrounded by five man made lakes, Salawara estate practices sustainable irrigation which helps attract and provide for flora and fauna. We're more than honoured to steward the #RobustaRevolution with them.