Introducing Subko Subscriptions: Specialty Coffee staples, delivered regularly.
No wishing involved.


Receive our specially curated microlots and nanolots, automatically and on repeat. Eliminate the expectant wait that comes in tow with an empty coffee cabinet, plus the added reward of discounted prices. Subscribers are granted early access to new and unreleased coffee lots.

This subscription spans a three-month period until renewal, wherein you can choose between a monthly or bi-monthly delivery cycle. The monthly cycle ensures that we replenish your coffee supplies every thirty days; the bi-monthly cycle ensures that we replenish your coffee supplies every fifteen days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these plans are all prepaid.

You can skip and postpone the subscription plan, but not cancel. You will need to alert us 72 hours in advance of the next scheduled order. We've detailed out the process for your convenience - Head to myaccount> View and Edit Subscriptions > Manage your subscription > Skip Subscription

We will be pushing out released and unreleased lots under our subscription plans, however, given that we source solely from the subcontinent, the occurrence of repeat lots is a possibility.

Each subscription plan comes with free shipping.

At present we do not offer this service. For a coffee subscription, the minimum duration of a plan is for two months.

Our quantities range from 250 grams to 1 kilograms per delivery, depending on the customer’s consumption levels. Please refer to our coffee consumption guide for more details.

Through a subscription plan, foremost, we aim to eliminate the stress of keeping track of your supplies and orders. By opting in, you avail discounts on MRP; we also intend to provide unreleased and bespoke microlots to subscribers, that will not be made available through any other provision or platform.