[June 5th] Single Origin Series: Ft. Anushka Neyol, Three One Farms, Abohar, Punjab

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₹ 995

This event occurred on 5th June 2022



Indian wheat may be at the receiving end of the same paradigmatic evolution specialty coffee has been through. A ‘third wave’ evolution in our understanding of what wheat is and can be constructed to be. One where wheat species and varieties are meticulously selected and cultivation practices are curated according to nutritional merit, microclimates and sustainability.

Anushka Neyol and her 7th generation farming family at Three One Farms in Punjab are spearheading this in the Indian Subcontinent today.

Simultaneously, with interest in craft baking in the Indian Subcontinent rising, the demand that specialty wheat is grown to serve specific use-cases is fast increasing.

S.O.S 4 combines the dynamic being witnessed both at gruelling wheat ‘origin’ and finally at the Subko Bakehouse through an experimental six course bread tasting, where craft breads made from six different wheat varieties are used to create sourdough and viennoiserie to understand better the sensory expression of different Indian specialty wheat.


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The two-hour long event will be divided as follows:

4:30 PM: doors open and coffee is served around as guests arrive and settle in.

5:00 PM: the first segment of the event called ‘the state of Indian wheat’ commences where millenial agripreneur and seventh-generation farmer Anushka Neyol builds a foundation for the audience on the matters of Indian wheat varieties, wheat-growing regions, and the evolution of Indian wheat into a specialty category

5:15 PM: a six course experimental bread tasting with mystery sourdoughs, laminated bakes, and accouterments spanning six wheat varieties across four wheat species, and black rice flour. Anushka Neyol and Daniel Trulson dissect the bakes from a farmer and baker’s point of view respectively as the tasting is conducted in succession.

6:30 PM: As the tasting winds down, Anushka and Daniel trace the path charted from the first collaborations to what’s in store for future endeavours; open the floor to a Q&A session and offer closing remarks.

7:00 PM: Event giveaways (totes, craft breads, stickers) are distributed and the event is brought to a close.


Join us on June 05 at The Craftery by Subko, Byculla East

Limited capacity of 35 people only

The event includes bake tastings, unlimited batch brew and Subko Bakehouse offerings for all attendees

Terms and Conditions

- The venue for the event is – The Craftery by Subko, Unit No. 2 Jak Compound, D K, 1st Cross Ln, Byculla East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400027.

- Guests are advised to wear masks whenever possible.

- We love your company and we would be anticipating your arrival at least twenty minutes prior to the starting time.

We will be handing out a goodie bag and other merchandise towards the end of the event. Be sure to ask for it!

- Tickets once purchased are non-refundable.