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[March 5th] GET STUFFED: Bombay Shirt Company

[March 5th] GET STUFFED: Bombay Shirt Company

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This event occurred on 5th March, 2022.





We consider ourselves curators of constructors and challengers of palate. In many ways, The Bombay Shirt Company shares this philosophy. Time-tested wisdom proposes that those united in tribulation must rejoice in triumph together. As some of you lovely folks who choose to spend a little time with us here amidst various doom scroll sessions (yeah you know who you are) might recall, we’ve recently put together a Subko Mini experience at Bombay Shirt Company’s new flagship space in Kemp’s Corner, Bombay, India.

Keeping in mind their extreme attention to detail in crafting every single garment bespoke to your own body type and taste in fabric, we’re determined to incorporate a layer to your experience at BSC, an homage to their diligence and love for the bespoke.

The act of crafting inherently coagulates the act of tailoring. In fact, the act of tailoring is one we’re fairly intimated with at Subko. We tailor roasts to specific profiles and cup performances; we tailor extractions and brew times to strive for perfection across all sensory parameters in the specialty brews we serve and the laminates, puff and sourdough we craft.

So we asked ourselves, what would a Subko initiative based on a shared BSC vision to create new standards without standardization look like?

Then, we had a cheeky epiphany. Tailoring a croissant — born of a 3 day proofing to baking cycle — to an individual’s taste on demand, made to order. A rather new endeavour, we think.

Hence the initiative was born.
‘Get Stuffed’: Intended to be a celebration of shared values at Bombay Shirt Company, Kemps Corner, with various specialty coffees and craft bakes made customizable to your taste.

Starting with the inaugural ‘Get Stuffed,’ 5th March 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. you can create a subko stuffed croissant of your own- customised on the spot by our team from an array of flavor profile options. Meticulously brewed specialty coffee will of course accompany your creation.

Come Get Stuffed, starting March 5, we’ll keep it going as frequently as we can if y’all like it :)

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