[March 6th]Single Origin Series Ft. Paranoy Thipaiah, Kerehaklu Estate, India

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This event occurred on 5th March, 2022.




Traceability of produce and transparency of thought are the some of the core tenets upon which Subko is founded. These are the ideas that make us. But only a few of us ever get to witness these ideas in action, at the origin level. So we felt an essential duty to somehow bring the origin home to Subko; to you, whose support and affection keep us trudging forward.

Ideas often get lost in translation, but never at the hands of those nurturing them. So we called on the nurturers, the wizards of the land, our growers, and producers to tell their stories. An ongoing initiative by Subko, here’s introducing- ‘Single Origin Series’.

With ‘Single Origin Series’, we aim to bridge the gap between origin and urban centres through narrative-driven personal interactions at Subko’s Craftery, with a tribe of producers whose values we highly align with.

First up, Pranoy Thipaiah of Kerehaklu Estate, where we broadly approach the fine print of Indian specialty coffee. 

We'll also be focusing on the potential of alternative coffee species, in particular the much-acclaimed Liberica from Kerehaklu Estate, which makes its return at the event, in the form of an exclusive pre-launch drop accessible only to event participants.

Also look out for an exclusive mystery bake highlighting the produce from Kerehaklu Estate, dropping in limited quantities on 6th March.

When - 6th March 2021, 3 pm to 5 pm
Where - The Craftery by Subko, Unit No. 2 Jak Compound, D K, 1st Cross Ln, Byculla East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400027

 Limited capacity of 25 people only.