Nanobatch Cold Brew - Dawn (250ml) [Pan-India]

Nanobatch Cold Brew - Dawn (250ml) [Pan-India]

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Rotational, limited edition 'Nanobatch' Cold Brew. 


Featuring Project Sankalp: (86+) - Lot #28 (Medium-Light Roast)

Cuppers notes: Banana Pancakes, Vanilla Bean


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Cuppers Notes

Subko Cold Brew coffee is made by steeping coarsely ground arabica coffee beans in room temperature water for 16 hours. The water is never heated anywhere in the brewing process, hence the term 'Cold Brew.'

Cold brew involves the process of extracting the coffee's natural oils, natural sugars and caffeine content utilizing time instead of heat.
Subko cold brew tends to retain a pleasant moderate acidity, a merlot wine-esque velvety body. reduced bitterness, and tasting notes of cacao dusted raspberry and caramel.