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Project Seven Sisters: Garo Robusta (Medium-Dark) [Vanilla, Clove, Maple Cider]

Project Seven Sisters: Garo Robusta (Medium-Dark) [Vanilla, Clove, Maple Cider]

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Single Origin Coffee from Farmers Collective, Garo Hills, Meghalaya, India

Medium-Dark Roast (250g)

Process: Carbonic Traditional Naturals

Agtron Meter: 56.9

Altitude: 850 - 965 MASL

Variety: Robusta

Cupper's Notes: Vanilla, Clove, Maple Cider

Best Brewed With


Please note that the best brewed with list is not comprehensive and does not dictate that the coffees cannot be brewed with any other methods. These are the the methods we think will extract the best possible cup. However, this coffee can be ground and enjoyed with any brew method that you desire.

About the Process

Traditional Naturals: The coffee cherries hand-harvested at optimal maturity are subjected to optimal drying conditions until an ideal moisture content is attained as the bean dries and develops in its own mucilage and skin. The dried cherries are then further milled and processed to extract the bean from the dried outer skin and pulp.


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Cupper's Notes

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