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[May 6th] Single Origin Series: Ft. D.M. Shankar and D.S. Shravan, Kalledevarapura Estate, Karnataka, India

[May 6th] Single Origin Series: Ft. D.M. Shankar and D.S. Shravan, Kalledevarapura Estate, Karnataka, India

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This event occurred on 6th May 2022


Traceability of produce and transparency of thought are some of the core tenets upon which Subko is founded. These are the ideas that make us. But only a few of us ever get to witness these ideas in action, at the origin level. So we felt an essential duty to somehow bring the origin home to Subko; to you, whose support and affection keep us trudging forward.

Ideas often get lost in translation, but never at the hands of those nurturing them. So we called on the nurturers, the wizards of the land, our growers, and producers to tell their stories. An ongoing initiative by Subko, here’s introducing- ‘Single Origin Series’.

With ‘Single Origin Series’, we aim to bridge the gap between origin and urban centres through narrative-driven personal interactions at Subko’s Craftery, with a tribe of producers whose values we highly align with.

SOS Episode 2: The Giri Project.

Shravan Thejas + father D.M Shankar + Family, AKA Beanrove, of Kalledevarapura Coffee Estate fame. 

The Giri Project? Hm?
Well, the "Budangiri" region in Karnataka, India’s coffee plantation belt, is to the local growers and farmers colloquially known as "Giri". That’s Shravan and Beanrove’s primary origin/ terroir of focus for his increasingly vast and quality-driven footprint of specialty coffee processing projects.

'Giri Project' is a Subko x Beanrove collaborative endeavour. Select varietals of coffee cherries sourced from Kalledevarapura Estate, Balur Estate, and a growing portfolio of new partner plantations we look forward to introducing you to, are looked after by Shravan and his team to produce world-class 85+ point scoring micro-lot coffee. This means, from the blossom and harvest stage until post-harvest processing experimentation, all is controlled and ambitiously curated by our teams.

Shravan, aka the face of 'The Beanrove', through his increasingly radical commitment to specialty at traditionally non specialty estates, and with this project, 85-90 point micro-lot specialty, has in effect led to a systemic shift in practice from yield-driven commodity to quality-driven specialty at the estate level, at scale.

This SOS is dedicated to introducing The Giri Project. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

1) Thermal Shock Naturals (aka LOT #23) 
A lot with great personal significance to us, the team personally helped process it during our visit to KDP Estate.

2) Salt Fermentation Naturals
Shravan talks about the salt fermentation, a unique process that the Beanrove is creating together with Subko at scale now.

3) Koji Fermentation Naturals
Koji is a fungus that grows on rice. Little is now known about the impact of this fermentation method. An interactive exposé and a tasting will occur. 

4) Introducing Indian Gesha Varietal Coffee (!)
From Columbian nurseries to Kalledevarapura Estate, The Gesha varietal is spectacularly now harvested here. The very first tiny batch of naturals will be tasted by you. 

Join us on May 6th at The Craftery by Subko, Byculla East

Limited capacity of 35 people only

The event includes coffee tastings, unlimited batch brew and Subko Bakehouse offerings for all attendees

Terms and Conditions

- The venue for the event is – The Craftery by Subko, Unit No. 2 Jak Compound, D K, 1st Cross Ln, Byculla East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400027.

- Guests are advised to wear masks whenever possible.

- We love your company and we would be anticipating your arrival at least twenty minutes prior to the starting time.

We will be handing out a goodie bag including the Lot #23 coffee and other merchandise towards the end of the event. Be sure to ask for it!

- Tickets once purchased are non-refundable.

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