Sirangalli Community, Coorg, Karnataka, India - Red Honey (Medium Roast)

₹ 795
₹ 795


Single Origin Coffee from Coorg, Karnataka

Medium Roast (250g)

Process: Red Honey

Agtron Meter: 65

Altitude: 1200-1400 MASL

Varietal: Chandragiri

Cupper's Notes: Lavender, Papaya, Walnut

Best Brewed With


Please note that the best brewed with list is not comprehensive and does not dictate that the coffees cannot be brewed with any other methods. These are the the methods we think will extract the best possible cup. However, this coffee can be ground and enjoyed with any brew method that you desire.

About the Process

Ripe cherries were harvested and brought back to Mooleh Manay’s processing unit, the coffees were then floated and fermented in cherry form.The coffee cherries are then pulped using a waterless eco pulper , keeping most of the mucilage intact. The coffee is then sent to the patios to dry , raking at regular intervals. The coffee is covered in the evening and opened in the morning. Once it reaches 11%-12% moisture content the coffee is removed and stored in gunny bags until they are sent to the dry mill for hulling.

Flavour Meter


Cupper's Notes

This lot is has a floral flavor profile similar to Lavender,combined with a Papaya like richness and sweetness and has a nutty flavour reminiscent to Walnuts.

About the Origin


Komal Sable, along with Akshay Dasrath, together run Mooleh Maney Estate and the South India Coffee Company, where they produce sustainable and environmentally responsible high quality coffee using traditional farming techniques. Their plantation is located in North Coorg, on the banks of the Harangi backwaters in the foothills of the Western Ghats.