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Taufah: Bakehouse + Coffee [Bombay Hyperlocal]

Taufah: Bakehouse + Coffee [Bombay Hyperlocal]

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Set 1: Croissant + Coffee Box: Subko Croissant (x2) + Subko PAC (x2)+ Twice Baked Badaam (x2) + 250g Roasted Specialty Coffee

Set 2: Cakes & Cookies + Coffee Box: Kashmiri Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie (x4) + Banana Chocolate Cake (x1) + Mosambi Tea Cake (x1) + 250g Roasted Specialty Coffee

Set 3: Puffs + Coffee Box: Apple Tart (x3) + Subko Amann (x3) + 250g Roasted Specialty Coffee

Orders placed by 8pm will be dispatched the next day, between 3pm to 6pm.

For bulk or custom Bakehouse + Coffee Taufah Boxes, kindly contact our team on +91 9004700654.

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