Woodway Estate: Natural Process, Medium Roast [Pan-India]

Best Brewed With


Please note that the best brewed with list is not comprehensive and does not dictate that the coffees cannot be brewed with any other methods. These are the the methods we think will extract the best possible cup. However, this coffee can be ground and enjoyed with any brew method that you desire.


Cupper's Notes

This washed process lot was roasted to a medium-dark level; released from the roast at 218 degrees, the coffee has a distinct butter-milk texture for mouthfeel, and portrays very-berry overtones. The palate might infer granola characters as well, hence the cupper's notes on the label. An omni-roast suitable for filter-brewing and home espresso alike.

About The Origin

Kerehaklu Estate is a sustainable, biodiversity-friendly farm in Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India. Specialty coffee is grown alongside several varieties of pepper, avocados, citrus and mulberries - all in harmony with the local flora and fauna.

Kerehaklu has been run by the Thipaiah family since 1953 and is now overseen by Pranoy Thipaiah, who is the fifth generation to do so. The farm has gone chemical-free in late 2016 and are thus experiencing a gradual influx of birds and small mammals from the neighbouring Bhadra State forest.

Many are familiar with the species Robusta (canephora) and Arabica. Most of us however aren’t as familiar with a completely different species in the world of specialty coffee: Liberica. In Kannada- the native tongue to Karnataka, India- ‘Liberica’ is referred to as ‘Mara Kaapi’ which loosely translates to ‘tree coffee' because of its height. Pranoy shared with us that Liberica plants at Kerehaklu can average around 15 feet in height.