A Day At The Cacao Mill: Subko Cacao Mill Tour

₹ 1,299
₹ 1,299

Explore The Cacao Mill, a one-of-a-kind chocolate factory, and learn how fine Indian cacao pods turn into craft chocolate bars that you spot on the shelves as Subko Cacao.

From cracking open cacao pods tempering and setting chocolate, the tour will take you through stages of meticulously creating real chocolate.

Date: Every Tuesday + Thursday

Time: 5-7 PM IST GMT

Venue: The Cacao Mill, Colaba

What to expect:

  • Understand the process behind chocolate-making that blends art and science to create freshly processed cacao, from pod to bar
  • Explore The Cacao Mill and gain insights into the different types of equipment used to create craft chocolate
  • Taste fine cacao from the Indian subcontinent.
  • Experience the Pod to Bar platter where each component of cacao in various stages is explained.
  • Make your own chocolate bar with customisable toppings.
  • Try our Subko Cacao shot made with cacao juice.

The tours have a limited capacity of 10 people only. RSVP now to book your slot.
Contact us on brand@subko.coffee for bulk bookings.

Terms and Conditions
  • We love your company and we would be anticipating your arrival at least twenty minutes prior to the starting time.
  • Tickets once purchased are non-refundable.