Meticulously Sourced, From the Subcontinent

Where every sip is an exploration of meticulously sourced flavors of the Subcontinent. Crafted with precision by our skilled Arabica Q Graders, each bean is handpicked from regional plantations, ensuring a journey of unrivaled quality and flavor. Our commitment to bringing the origin to the forefront extends beyond the brew; it's a dedication to transparency, sustainability, and the pursuit of the most complex cup.

Single Origin Specialty Coffee Projects

Bloom Bar: Recipes for your Specialty Beans

At Subko, we've consciously separated the two prevalent methods of coffee brewing – machine-based at our Espresso Bar and manual brewing at the Bloom Bar. For every Specialty Coffee box that you've purchased from Subko, we have a recipe that details the right equipment and method for you to try.

For the perfect brew, reach out to us on Instagram (@subkocoffee) on DMs and share with us your brewing equipment details to get a custom recipe tailored for your Subko Specialty microlot coffee.

Bring Subko Specialty Coffee Home

Need your Specialty Coffee fix? Our Specialty Brews are available for delivery in Bombay and Bangalore on Swiggy/Zomato/Thrive.