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Aeropress Go [Pan-India]

Aeropress Go [Pan-India]

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The AeroPress Go is slightly smaller in volume compared to the regular AeroPress for maximum portability and fits perfectly on to its mug whilst brewing. The AeroPress Go brews American, Espresso, and Cold Brew style coffee that can be enjoyed as is or used in a wide range of energizing and refreshing drinks. Optimized for traveling, camping, boating or just at work. The AeroPress Go brews hot coffee in about 1 minute or cold brew coffee in around 2 minutes.

Includes: Mug with lid, 350 micro-filters in a storage carton, Chamber, Plunger, Filter cap, Filter holder, Stirrer and scoop

Material Specifications: Food-Safe polypropylene that is free of BPA and phthalates. The lid and plunger seal are both made of silicone and the filters are made of paper.

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