Origami Coffee Dripper

₹ 3,500
₹ 3,500

The Origami Dripper is inspired by the Japanese art of folding paper that it’s named after. Made with Mino Porcelain, the dripper is made up of 20 channels which allow you to use both Kalita Wave and V60 Filter Paper while keeping the brewing process smooth and clog-free, giving great control over the dripping speed.

The acrylic dripper holder base plate is designed separately to prevent any heat loss during the brewing process. 

NOTE: Acrylic dripper holder base plate included.

• Material: Porcelain
• Recommended Filters: Hario V60 #2 or Kalita Filters #185
• Heatproof Temperature: 120 degree celsius
• Care: Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended.