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Taufah : Mini

Taufah : Mini

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Diwali Taufah Pre-Orders Open Now. Dispatch starts post 7th November, 2023.

A collection of Subko Croissant Thins, Portable Pour Over Coffee for your specialty coffee on-the-go, and Subko Cacao craft chocolate bars, for those who appreciate the finer flavors of life in smaller packages. 


Croissant Thins (100gm x 1 pack)
Thinly sliced and baked cross sections of Subko Croissant, packed in preservative-free packaging.

Assorted Portable Pour over Coffee (16g x 4 sachets)
Subko Specialty pourover coffees. Hassle-free. 
Made with high quality material drip bags, one pack houses a single serving of any Subko Specialty Coffee Lot of your choice. Slip it in your pocket or throw it in your bag.

Dark/Milk/White Chocolate Bars - HALF (35g x 2 bars)
Subko Cacao's range of chocolate bars that encompass the entire spectrum of chocolate experiences. From the richness of dark chocolate to the sweetness of milk, and the allure of white chocolate. 

Subko 16-Hour Cold Brew Can (1 can)
Subko's Cold Brew Blend, extracted using reverse osmosis filtered room temperature water for 16 hours.

Optional Add-On: Granola Mix or Shortbread Cookies (Available at MRP)

Granola Mix

Subko’s in-house chocolate granola flavoured with Nolen Gur, nuts and 5 seeds.

Mini Terroir Chocolate Bar (18g x 4 bars)
Single-origin, small-batch, profile-roasted dark chocolates showcasing the diversity of Indian cacao. With a high cacao content, each bar tells a unique multi-origin story, highlighting the terroir and flavours of specific regions.


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