Subko Specialty Coffee Roasters has a singular mission: we strive to highlight the complexity, care, and craft nature of the specialty coffee value chain, whilst creating an experience that is uniquely from the Indian Subcontinent, where our partner farms are located. Our goal is simple: to create a genuinely Asian specialty coffee movement that can represent the region on a global platform in a globalised specialty coffee milieu.

Now delivering Pan-India. From the subcontinent, for all.

Project Cross Sections

Project Cross Sections is a portable reimagination of Subko's classic bakehouse products for a Pan-India. For Bharat, from Bombay.

Under the umbrella of Project Cross Sections, we're debuting POTO (Portable Toasts) and Croissant Thins, baked, dried, and stored in durable, preservative-free packaging for delivery longevity.

Limited stocks updated every Monday.


Coffee can be categorized into either commodity or specialty grades.
A coffee is deemed ‘specialty’ only on accrual of above 80 points on a 100 point international evaluation prescribed by the Specialty Coffee Association.

At 86+ points, a premium specialty coffee lot is obtained.

88+ points spells out an ultra-premium specialty coffee lot.

At 90+ points, a coffee lot embodies near perfection.

Hitherto, Subko has painstakingly ventured beyond the norm in roasting and brewing exclusively 85+ point cups.
With each increment in cup score attained in the miniscule of 0.25 decimal point increments, Project Sankalp is a qualitative evolution for, by, and of the subcontinent.

Freshly roasted coffee. Brew how you like it.

Orders will dispatch within 24 hours. We do not dispatch orders on Sunday. Pan-India shipments take 3-5 days to be delivered, depending on your locations.
Do reach out to our team on +91 9004700654 or email us on for updates on your order delivery timeline.


Ready to drink canned and bottled brews.


A Section for Rotational Collaborative Endeavours and Subko Merchandise.


A curated collection of brewing equipments, ideal for coffee enthusiasts and novices alike.


Introducing the Portable Pourover – the ultimate solution for coffee connoisseurs on the move. This compact and convenient packet is designed to hold a single serving of rotational specialty coffee, allowing you to enjoy your favorite brew anytime, anywhere.

Made with high-quality materials, the Portable Pourover Packet is designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your coffee stays fresh and fragrant, while its compact size allows you to easily take it with you wherever you go.

To use, simply open the packet and place the contents into your pour over cone or dripper. Add hot water and let the coffee brew.